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Dive Provo Dive Boats

Provo-Conquest one of three dive boatsDive Provo operates 3 modern dive boats, designed for customer convenience, include such amenities as showers, rinse tanks, comfortable seating, platform and ladders, as well as VHF radio and safety equipment. Our regular schedule is a daily 2 tank dive to any of the following areas Northwest Point, West Caicos, French Cay, Sandbore Channel, Pine Cay and Grace Bay. Areas chosen are based on where divers diving multiple days have already been and on weather conditions. Single tank dives are scheduled most afternoons and go out to the closest dive area of Grace Bay.

Dive boats depart from the docks at Turtle Cove Marina for diving along Provo’s north shore, and from our dock on the south side of the island for trips to West Caicos and French Cay. Departure time is 8:00 am for the 2-tank dives, returning to your hotel any time between 1:00 pm and 3:30 pm depending upon the destination.  The south side trips have the later return times.
The Provo Crusader one of three dive boats

Afternoon dive boats depart around 2:00 pm for single tank dive in Grace Bay, returning at approximately 4:30 – 5:00 pm. 3 tank dive days and snorkel trips are also scheduled on demand and Private Charters are also gladly arranged!

For information on transfers to the dive shop please visit our transfers page.

The Provo Conquest and Provo Crusader are both 36 ft Newton dive boats with plenty of shade and a comfortable seating area up top with the captain. Newton dive boats have pretty much become the standard in the industry and are a pleasure to dive from. Formerly known as the Provo Explorer the Provo Challenger was completely reconfigured by Jardine/Sewell Boatworks in early 2003. With a cruising speed of 26 knots and slightly narrower beam than both the Conquest and Crusader the Provo Challenger is a favorite for Private Charters.

Our Dive Staff

The professional Dive Provo staff is dedicated to providing guests with convenient and trouble-free diving. From pick up at your hotel (for select resorts) to dropping you off at the end of the day the staff will do their utmost to make sure you have a good time.  No lugging heavy gear! The staff will set up your gear for your dive and break it down and rinse it at the end of the day. Just pack your bag, leave it on the dive boats and it will be ready for your next dive.

At Dive Provo we know it is not just outstanding diving that makes a great vacation, it is also the attitude and friendliness of the dive staff. Alan and Clare Jardine and the Dive Provo StaffDive Provo customer surveys continually rank our staff as “Number One” in reasons why they would return.

Your hosts Alan and Clare Jardine both SSI Platinum Pros, PADI and NAUI Instructors and have more than 30 years of experience in the dive industry having lived in the Bahamas, Bonaire, and the British Virgin Islands prior to acquiring Dive Provo. Dive staff move around the resorts from one end of the world to the other so you may well meet people you made friends with on your last vacation somewhere else.

By and large Dive Provo’s staff are in their 30’s (or older in some cases) and they all have a great variety of life experiences to share with you.

Nearly everyone has been with Dive Provo for at least a year. Nigel Suffolk has been with us for 10 years, coming to us from Little Cayman, and he also worked at Beaches for a couple of years.

 Selma Storm has been at Dive Provo for 11 years, and now a new mother with 2 young children, is working part time. Working alongside Selma is Justin Hinks who was with Dive Tortola in the BVIs and Brendal’s in Abaco before moving to Provo.

Our younger members of staff are Jon Ward who also worked with Brendal’s in Abaco and also in St. Maarten, and Nives Skrlj, with a doctorate in biochemistry and an unpronouncable last name.  Anna Proudfoot worked in Thailand prior to coming to Provo and before diving worked in the UK prison service.  Quite a change of career!

Popular additions are Jo-Anne Charman and Torsten Klug. Jo-Anne and Torsten worked at Beaches then left and ran their own dive shop for a few years in The Phillipines.  A sailing trip brought them back to Provo where they decided it felt like home and we are delighted they decided to stay.  Jo-Anne runs the shop, whilst Torsten is out on the boats and teaching. Oshin Whyte, with a very appropriate name, is a young Turks Islander who decided to learn to dive in her last year of high school. Dive Provo Staff Member says OK She loved diving and is now a  Dive master and working until she attends college next Fall.  Oshin likes to talk so ask her all you want about the islands.  Additions last year included Pablo Cantos Arevallo from Spain, and Kate Yarwood, another Brit.  They met in Thailand and are settling in to a very different way of life on Provo. Our most recent addition is Fernando, and yes as the name suggests, he hails from Spain!

Ric Fimio is someone you will come across less frequently. He is the old man of the team; with many years of boating and diving experience he keeps everything running, and is greasy on a daily basis.