Turks & Caicos Scuba Instruction

Dive Provo is a PADI 5 Star Resort offering comprehensive training programs for all levels of certification. In addition, Dive Provo is an SSI Partner in Paradise offering SSI referrals to students who start their training through that agency. SSI staff on site can also assist students complete dives towards specialty and advanced ratings. Dive Provo also works closely with other agencies such as NAUI and TDI to allow students to complete their Open Water Referral Dives under the Universal Referral Program at Dive Provo.

A sampling of the courses available at Dive Provo:
Rates valid through 12/19/14

Discover Scuba Diving - Take that first unforgettable breath. After a classroom and pool session, join your Dive Provo Instructor on a guided tour on one of Provo’s shallow reefs. Course fee includes all materials, equipment, instruction and 2 boat dives.  $245.00

Open Water Certification CoursePADI E-Learning is the way to go! Learn the academics at your own pace at home or from your laptop and be ready for water work as soon as you arrive on  island. The pool sessions take from ½ to 1 day and for the training dives you go out on the regular dive trips over 2 days and complete skills and practice diving with your instructor. Open Water Certification Course price for students who have completed the PADI E-Learning: $525.00   (Allow 3 days on island.)

If you are unable to complete the academics on-line you can study from the Open Water manual and complete the classroom sessions on island. This means more time in the classroom while on vacation, longer but most people can complete the course in 3 1/2 days. Course includes all academic materials, equipment, instruction, 4 boat dives and all processing fees. $663.00. For children 10 and 11, or anyone wishing to have the course taught with a private instruction, the course cost is $913.00

PADI Scuba Tune-Up Course - The official PADI refresher course that covers Safe Diving Practices, Dive Planning Fundamentals, Problem Management, Breathing Air at Depth, Recreational Diving and Dive Tables. Includes a course book which is best reviewed prior to your in water tune up. $90.00

If it has not been too long since your last dive and you just need a quick review of diving skills prior to jumping off the boat then a quick pool refresher is also available.  $60.00

Open Water Referral Dives (ages 12 and over) – Complete all academics and pool work at home and finish your open water training dives in the warm clear waters of Provo. Your training takes place out on the regular 2 tank trips, so certified partners can join you out on the boat. Course fee includes equipment, instruction, and dives. $425.00.

Open Water Referral Dives for ages 10 and 11 are conducted with a private instructor. The course fee is $675.00 for the 1st child, $425.00 for a second child. Any family of 4 or more will be priced at the standard course rate of $425.00 per student for all family members.

Advanced Open Water Course – The next step on the ladder for the Open Water Diver. Earn your Advanced Open Water card with 5 dives in 2 days. A great vacation course as this class is self study with no exam and thorough on-boat and in-water briefings. To get the most out of the class we recommend PADI E-Learning You can read the material at home in your own time prior to coming on vacation and be prepared for the practical aspects of the course that you will complete on the dives with your instructor.

The course is designed to increase your knowledge of Deep Diving and Underwater Navigation plus Peak Performance Buoyancy and your choice of two elective dives. Pick from among six interesting dives particularly suitable for our environment: Underwater Naturalist, Fish ID, Multi Level Diving, Boat Diving or Underwater Photography ($39.00 digital camera rental not included.) These are great dives to do in Provo; improve your diving skills and confidence, and start seeing things you would otherwise swim over. Course fee includes instruction, equipment and dives. $480.00

Nitrox Certification For PADI E-Learning Students:For safety reasons Nitrox is a must for older divers or those who routinely run out of bottom time before running out of air. Enjoy the convenience of PADI on-line learning while at home. Once on island simply complete a quick knowledge review, analyze 2 nitrox tanks before your next dive under the supervision of an instructor, and we register you as a Enriched Air Nitrox diver with PADI. Course includes instructor review, 2 Nitrox tanks and PADI registration fee. Dives not included. $50.00 

Nitrox Certification Full Course: This short course begins by your reading the manual, reviewing the material with our instructor and taking an exam. Once done simply analyze 2 tanks before your next dive and we register you as an Enriched Air Nitrox diver. Course fee includes manual, 2 Nitrox tanks and PADI registration fee. Dives not included. $165.00

Combined Advanced Open Water and Nitrox certification - Really make use of your diving vacation to learn new skills and increase knowledge and enjoyment of the sport with this combination course! No additional dives are required for the Nitrox Course. $595.00 

Rescue Diver E-Learning Completion - This course is a “Must” for serious divers and a requirement for the Master Scuba Diver qualification and a pre-requisite for the Dive master class. Prior to taking the Rescue Diver Course you need to have a current Emergency First Responder qualification and have completed the academic portion of the class via PADI E-learning. Once that is done the pool and boat sessions take place over 2 days. $425.00 (Gear included if needed.)

Invasive Lionfish Tracker - Earn your PADI Distinctive Specialty and do “your bit” for the environment. Course includes instruction, 2 dives with your instructor, equipment, and your Lionfish Tracker certification card. A bonus tank of Nitrox is included. $295.00

For information on Specialty Certifications and additional courses contact Dive Provo at 800-234-7768.

Please be sure to review the PADI Medical Statement to determine if you require
a physicians approval to participate in dive training BEFORE you arrive on island.

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