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Dive Provo is a nine-time recipient of a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence and a member of the TripAdvisor Certificate Hall of Fame.

The professional Dive Provo staff is dedicated to providing guests with convenient and trouble-free diving. No lugging heavy gear! The staff will set up your gear for your dive and break it down and rinse it at the end of the day. Just pack your bag, leave it on the dive boats and it will be ready for your next dive. We also have a full inventory of rental gear for those traveling light.

Bubonic plague, Spanish Flu, Covid 19…

We are not the first to go through such tumultuous times and probably won’t be the last.

Everyone has their own Covid-19 story and as we end the year Alan and Clare would like to thank everyone who participated in the Dive Provo story.

Those who left

Kate, went home to lock down with family and is now training to be a high school English teacher.

Michael and Caroline who had already planned to search for new pastures, our newest staff members Marco and Constanze who had just embarked on their Provo adventure left in the summer.

We also said goodbye to Ric, our mechanic, who officially retired at the end of October.

Dive Instructor Kate
Michael & Caroline
Constanze & Marco

Jo, our shop manager had also planned early retirement and left in July to join her partner in Germany, and now they are spending a quiet winter in France before some traveling in Europe looking for a forever home once life resumes more normally again. Her computer and organizational skills are sorely missed and our repeat guests miss her sassy comments too.

Justin, our calm, can-do guy, left too after 14 years on the island along with his wife Katie and their twins. Katie was a school principal here and was offered a good position in Cornwall, England, so they took the opportunity to be closer to family. They have planned a family vacation back in April so we are looking forward to him diving with us again.

All the departures were bittersweet, obviously necessary from a business perspective but sad on a personal level. Working so closely with people makes them feel like family, and we miss them all.

Those furloughed

Peter came back at the end of October, Tim this week and Ali at the end of this month. .[/vc_column_text]

Dive Provo stafff Tim
Dive Instructor Ali
And those who refused to budge!

Jon, Nives, Mauro and Anna and our son Joe.

Nives has been seconded for the past 6 months to the Public Health Laboratory doing Covid testing and will be back at work in January. While she worked during summer vacation Jon babysat and wins the “Father Of The Year” award.

Whilst not a busy summer in normal terms, with only a few staff they were kept busy diving most days. Beautiful weather and very few people made for some spectacular encounters, some have been shared on facebook, others just memories.

Nives and Jon, Dive Provo dive instructors with their baby
Nives, Jon & Baby
Joe Jardine
Who Retired

Alan! Although not out on the boats or promoting at Dive Shows he is still very much quietly working in the background. Doing maintenance, standing in line at government offices, and being a great grandad. “Papa” swims, chases, bikes, colours, reads and gives treats.

New Addition

Ben Jardine! Our younger son. He took the last American Airlines flight out of Bonaire and the last one into Provo before both islands locked down last spring due to COVID-19. He is our only new employee.

Behind the scenes

Our reservations staff have continued to support us; Cheryl, Carol, Crystal and our long-standing reservations representative Betty, ready to answer our 800 number

The Jardine Family
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