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Refresher Course Options for Certified Divers

Join us for a Basic Pool Refresher and 2-tank boat dive, Full Pool Refresher or the PADI Reactivate Course.

All three are designed for certified divers who have not dived in a while and want to safely get back into the sport. The Basic Pool Refresher and 2 tank dive allows you to get the most enjoyment out of your vacation dive experience. A quick review of  “Do’s and Don’ts and essential water skills in the pool is generally enough for most divers who have not dived in a year or 2 to enhance their comfort level and relax underwater.

The Full Pool Refresher will re-teach you all the skills required for the Open Water Diver Course and is more suitable after a longer break.

The PADI RE-Activate Course utilizes E-Learning in which you will go over all of the information required for certification plus the in water skills that you need to be a safe diver and includes one 2-tank boat dives with a dedicated instructor.

Any certified diver may participate in either course.

All students must read and complete a PADI Medical Statement prior to participating in any course.

Should any of the medical history items noted on the Statement apply to you, you will need to consult with a physician prior to participating in scuba diving. So please be sure to download and review this statement in advance.

All courses are offered on request.

The Refresher consists of a brief lecture going over basic Do’s and Don’ts followed by a short pool session practicing the most critical skills such as mask clearing and regulator retrieval.

The Lecture/Pool sessions generally run in the afternoons from 2-3pm until around 4.30pm.

The Full Pool Refresher takes longer and is often run in conjunction with an Open Water Course.  Start time usually 9am.

Students will return the next morning for a 2 tank dive and will review the dive plan and use of the dive computer on the boat with an instructor.  They will dive under the supervision of the in-water dive guide.  Those enrolled in PADI Reactivate will dive under the supervision of their instructor and will review their skills again in open water.

Our Most Popular Course!
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Basic Pool Refresher With Dives:
  • $235.00 USD per person
What’s Included
  • Brief lecture and water skills practice in a pool
  • Includes one 2-tank boat dive under the supervision of the in-water dive guide.
  • All dive equipment
Full Pool Refresher:
  • $95.00 USD per person
What’s Included
  • Full water skills review in the pool
  • Informal academic review
  • All dive equipment

Boat dives not are included and must be booked separately.

PADI Reactivate:
  • $495.00 USD per person
What’s Included
  • Water skills practice in a pool
  • Includes one 2-tank boat dive with a dedicated instructor.
  • All dive equipment