Most Dive Provo scuba certification courses are taught in conjunction with the using the PADI eLearning® system. Electronic learning (eLearning) is the delivery of education online, using web-based technology. PADI eLearning allows you to begin your dive education at your convenience, on the internet, and finish your training in the water once on island. With PADI eLearning, you complete the knowledge development (classroom) portion of the most popular courses at your own pace – studying anytime and anywhere you have a high-speed internet connection. Whether you are just learning to scuba dive or are already certified but looking for a flexible way to advance your scuba certifications, PADI’s online scuba programs are the way to go.

Most eLearning modules are purchased directly from PADI, the exception being the eLearning module for Nitrox Certification and Advanced Open Water Certification, which can be purchased directly from Dive Provo.

A prerequisite to participating in any scuba certification includes the completion of a PADI Medical Statement, which includes the medical questionnaire section. If you answer YES to any of the medical condition questions, you will need to consult with a physician prior to obtain your doctor’s written approval to dive.

Step #1: Learn to Dive

Discover Scuba Diving
(Resort Course)

A great way to take the plunge with only 2 students per instructor.

ELearning Open Water
Course Options

You set the pace when you begin your course online on your computer or tablet.

Open Water Referral
Course Options

Take half of your scuba course at home to maximize your dive time on Provo.

Step #2: Elevate Your Game!

Advanced Open Water
Course Options

You don’t have to be advanced to take the next step on the scuba certification ladder

Enriched Air
Nitrox Course

Diving Nitrox – the safe way to get more no-decompression time on your dives

Rescue Diver
E-Learning Course

A challenging and rewarding training experience that ALL divers should consider

#3 Keep Sharp! Refresh Your Diving Skills

Basic Pool Refresher
With Dives

Do a quick pop in the pool to review basic skills before taking your next days 2-tank boat dive

Full Pool
Refresher Course

Take your refresher a step further and review all the skills your learned to become a certified diver

PADI Reactivate

Gain total reassurance after making 2 boat dives with a dedicated instructor

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“Nice People, punctual - will recommend”

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TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

“Patient, yet not condescending with my inexperience.”

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