Two Tank Boat Dives & Three Tank Scuba Safaris

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Two-Tank Boat Dives
  • Sites Visited: Two-tank and three-tank boat dives visit all the dive areas around Provo including Grace Bay, Northwest Point, West Caicos, French Cay, Pine Cay and Sandbore Channel. For divers taking advantage of a package, we try to rotate dives around all the areas so you get a taste of the variety Turks and Caicos scuba diving offers.
  • Departures: Divers depart at 8:00 am for the docks at Turtle Cove Marina for diving along Provo’s north shore, and from our dock on the south side of the island for trips to West Caicos and French Cay.
  • Two-Tank Return Times: Return times from two-tank dives can be any time between 1:00 pm and 3:30 pm depending upon the destination. The south side trips have the later return times.
  • Three-Tank Scuba Safari Return Times: Return times from three-tank scuba safaris are generally closer to 4:30 pm. 
  • Refreshments: We have coolers of filtered water on board and also drink mix such as Tang as well as sliced fruit and Pan au Chocolat or banana bread. For longer trips you may find filled croissants or sandwiches.
  • Tanks and Gear: Tanks/weights/weight belts are already on the boat. If you are using Nitrox you will analyze the tanks at the boat. Your equipment it will be set up for you on the boat each day.
Three-Tank Scuba Safari

The Scuba Safari is a full-day trip for experienced divers only. Enjoy diving with a smaller group of like-minded keen divers to explore the deep walls of West Caicos or French Cay.  Nitrox certification preferable as the third dive is always on Nitrox for a longer bottom time. (Nitrox certification is a quick, easy course, and well worth the investment for the avid diver, not only for extended bottom times but also for safety reasons). Don’t worry if you are not Nitrox certified our instructor will explain it’s use on the boat before the third dive.

These boat dive packages are for Certified Open Water divers or above, who have dived within the last year or participated in a refresher course and are comfortable in the water. Please contact us prior to making the booking if you have any concerns regarding your diving.

Rates valid for travel 01/04/2020 – 12/18/2020
Dive Package RatesWalk In RatesPre-Booked Rates 
1 day of 2-tank boat diving$145.00 USD$145.00 USD
Scuba Safari: 1 day of 3-tank boat diving$199.00 USD$199.00 USD
2 days of 2-tank boat diving$278.00 USD$278.00 USD
3 days of 2-tank boat diving$405.00 USD$375.00 USD
4 days of 2-tank boat diving$520.00 USD$480.00 USD
5 days of 2-tank boat diving$625.00 USD$575.00 USD
6 days of 2-tank boat diving$720.00 USD$660.00 USD
7 days of 2-tank boat diving$840.00 USD$770.00 USD
8 days of 2-tank boat diving$960.00 USD$880.00 USD
9 days of 2-tank boat diving$1080.00 USD$990.00 USD
10 days of 2-tank boat diving$1200.00 USD$1100.00 USD
Upgrade any 2-tank package to 1 day of 3-tank boat diving (includes 1 Nitrox tank)$65.00 USD$65.00 USD
Nitrox Upgrade$10.00 per tank USD
  • Reservations must be made 72 hours or more prior to diving to qualify for the discounted (pre-booked) rate.
  • All the diving is wall diving and due to the depths we require the use of a dive computer.
  • 12% tax will be added to all rates for dives.
  • No services charges have been applied. Tipping for good service is customary and expected on island.
  • All boat dive packages are for two tank boat dives.
  • Boat dive packages are per person and based on one or more days of diving.
  • Tanks and weights included. Gear rental is additional.
  • Diving days need not be consecutive.
  • Cancellation penalties may apply. Click here for details on our payment and cancellation policies.
  • Travel insurance recommended.
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